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Monographs for sale - Contact me via Email for more details (prices £10 each)
English Callovian (middle Jurassic) Persphinctid Ammonites by B.M. Cox Part 1 February 1988
British Toarcian Lower Jurassic Belemnites by P, Doyle Part 1 Devember 1990
British Liassic Terabratulida( Bachiapoda by D.V. ager Part 1 August 1990
Ostracoda from the British Lower Chalk and Plenus Marls By P.P.E. Weaver September 1982
Bivalvia of the Spilsby Sandstone and Sandringham Sands (Late Jurassic - Early Cretaceous of Eastern England By Simon R. A. Kelly Part 1 October 1984
Bivalvia From the English Lower Oxford Clay (Middle Jurassic) K.L. Duff December 1978
British Lower Cretaceous cocoliths. 1 Gault Clay by Maurice Black Part 3 December 1975

The Eocene Mollusca - Descriptions of Shells from the older Tertiaries of England four volumes

Part 1+ Bivalves. by Searles V Wood F.G. S. 1861

Part 2 Pulmonata by Frederic E. Edwards 1852

Part 3 Prosobranchiata by Frederic E. Edwards 1860

Part 4 Pulmomata & Prosobranchiata by Edwards & Wood 1877

Eocene Bivalves of England Volume 1 by Searles V Wood F.G.S. 1861 - 1871
The Eocene Mollusca - Descriptions of Shells from the older Tertiaries of England by Frederic E. Edwards Part 1 Cephalopoda 1849
The Gault, a lecture by Hilton Price 1879 - A small volume hard bound very rare.
£30 ono
A History of the Fossil Fruits and Seeds of the London Clay by James Scott Bowerbank F.G.S.  1840, Incredibly rare. I have been told that there are probably only about 30 copies of this worldwide most being held in Museums & libraries. In need of some restoration to the front cover which has become detatched.

I cant find any information about this book from antiquarian book sellers or palaeontologists so if anyone out there can supply me with better information than I have please contact me.

£250 ono
31 volumes of the Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology 1979 reprint by the Geological Society of America, Inc And the University of Kansas Boulder Colorado and Lawrence, Kansas. A key to all the major orders and relevent species worldwide including all UK species.
Sensible offers

The Lower Tertiary Floras of Southerb England - Palaeocene Floras - London Clay Flora Supplement by Marjorie Elizabeth Jane Chandler 1961 Published by the British Museum (Natural History) Two Volumes,1. Main text - 2. Atlas both hard bound + Supplement to the The Lower Tertiary Floras of Southerb England Part 5 - by Marjorie Elizabeth Jane Chandler September 1978Published by the Tertiary Research group

The Memoirs of the Geological survey of the United Kingdom by Jukes Browne. Three volumes. Volume 1 Gault and Upper Greensand 1900 - Volume 2 Lower and Middle Chalk 1903 - Volume 3 The upper Chalk 1904. All in pretty good condition considering their age. A must for all who are interested in the Cretaceous rocks and clays of Great Britain. Sold

The Ammonoidea of the lower Greensand by Raymond Casey March 1960 onwards.All nine of Raymonds monographs hard bound in five volumes


Le Landenian De Dormaal et sa Faune ichtyologiue by Edgard Casier 1967- in French detail the fish/shark fossils of Dormaal - Belgium


Faune Ichthyologique de l'Ypresian de la Belgique by Edgard Casier 1946 - in French with the fish fauna similar to those found in the London clay of the Thames Estuary


The Ammonites of the Liassic Family Liparoceratidae By L. F. Spath 1938
An Atlas of Fossil Chonchology of Great Britain and Ireland with descriptions of all the species by Captain Thomas Brown M.P.S 1889 re-issue.
updated IdentificatType ammonites by S. S. Buckman volumes 1 - 7 in three hard bound volumes reprint 1972  with ions.
Fish Otoliths from the English Eocene by Frederick Stinton 1975 - 1984 Parts 1 to 5 inclusive Hard bound. All parts of this Palaeontological society publication.
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