These shark teeth pages are dedicated to my very good friend Jim Craig who has recently passed away after a long illness. He prepared all of the superb digital images of the teeth that are illustrated with the exception of the images on the Cretalamna appendiculata page. All were taken by his Nikon Coolpix digital camera at high resolution. The very small teeth were taken through a microscope at various focal points and then layered together to achieve depth of field.
  Cowsharks ( sixgill and sevengill sharks)
Order: Squaliformes GOODRICH 1909   Dog shark
Order: Squatiniformes BUEN 1926   Angel shark
Order: Heterodontiformes BERG 1937   Bullhead shark
Order: Lamniformes BERG 1958   Sandtiger shark, ragged tooth shark, goblin shark, thresher shark, makeral sshark and white shark.
Order: Carchariniformes COMPAGNO 1973   Carsharks, hound sharks, smooth hounds and topes, requiem sharks
Special Cretalamna appendiculata survivor from the Cretacaeous