Linuparus eocenicus
Comments / Synonyms

PALINURA Latreille, 1803

PALINUROIDEA Latreille, 1803

PALINURIDAE Latreille, 1802

LINUPARUS White, 1847

Linuparus eocenicus

Woods, 1925

Thenops scyllariformis Bell, p. 33 pl 7 Linuparus scyllariformis (Bell);

Linuparus eocenicus is extremely rare on Sheppey and only fragments have been found recently. It is differentuated from L. scyllariformis by the two spine like protrusions at the front of the carapace. In L. Scyllariformis these protrusions are parrallel and in L. eocenicus they are at a 40% angle.
Beach collected by Paul Wright of the Medway Fossil and Mineral Society Nov. 2014.
Carapace showing the two frontal protrusions clearly
Section of tail, showing textural detail