Lobsters and Stomotopods
Lobster fossils are rare on Sheppey, and even more rarely found whole. Quite often only the tail will be found. Sometimes more complete specimens are found, either laying on their side, or more infrequently at the base of a burrow. The most commonly found is Hoploparia gammaroides. Both immature and mature specimens can be found on the beach and on the foreshore. The burrows are a feature of the cliffs and the foreshore occuring in large numbers. Unfortunately the vast majority of them are empty. Some burrows extend for over a metre and can be seen exposed in the cliffs quite regularly.
Archaeocarabus bowerbanki (M'Coy,1849) Hoploparia gammaroides (M'Coy, 1849) Scyllarides koenigi (Bell, 1858) Linuparus eocenicus (Woods,1925)

Dinochelus steeplensis

Order Stomotopoda Bathysquilla wetherelli (woodward, 1879)

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