Some recent designs

Having trained as a fine artist and then having taught Art for the past thirty four years, Designing is just something that I do. I originally worked original artwork up by hand. Cut & paste then used letraset for the type. The advent of computers changed all that, Now the entire process can be achieved digitally. Essentially the process is the same but made more easily achievable by quite extraordinary software programs. However, even with these aids designing is a skill that must be learnt by the long process of developing a range of skills and by study to enhance visual awareness and a knowledge based on experience and understanding

Cover design for our Sheppey fossil book features various fossils from the island laid over a 50% intensity image of waves beaking around septarian nodules on the foreshore. Copyright Fred Clouter




A3 foldover leaflet designed for the Kent RIGS group(Regionally important geological sites) Designed and made print ready. Now on sale through museum outlets, through the KGG (Kent Geological Group)or the Kent RIGS group

Corporate image design for Borden Grammar School which involved letter headings, badge redesign and exterior boards as well as leaflets as the image above shows.