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Pelagornithidae - Bony toothed bird skulls
Two views of a medium sized bony toothed bird skull. This skull has a good length of the beak preserved. The preservation of this specimen is excellent. I am unsure as to the identity of the species. It may be an example of Odontopteryx Toliapicus?? This specimen was found by Graham Avey close to the coastguard lookout section.

This a large bony toothed pelicaniforme bird skull with the teeth like protruberences clearly seen. It could possibly be an example of Pseudontornis longidentata. Found by Danny Hogburn while beach collecting between Hensbrook and Warden Point. The specimen is unusually preserved within a calcarious concretion.

Beautifully preserved set of wing bones including a scapula found by Danny Hogburn between Barrows Brook & Hens Brook