Bird skull disaster

What luck to find a nodule containing a complete bird skull just sitting on the beach. How wrong can anyone be. The nodule had large areas of 'space' inside. Hollow in parts, I decided that prepping it was beyond my abilities so after a while I sent it off to be professionaly prepped, fully realising that it would be almost impossible to prep. However I was prepared to take a chance. The guy prepping it was also aware of the problems involved and was very reluctant to 'have a go', we were both right the nodule was as feared unpreppable with the knowledge and equipment available to us.

Septated calcarius nodule as found on the beach
The nodule collapsed, but the surviving bone is clearly displayed. This bird is not a bony toothed bird as the lower beak in section shows no evidence of bony protruberences - nodule 125mm by 80mm
The back of the skull - 55mm wide
Skull viewed from above - 65mm visible in the image
Lower beak in section notice the lack of bony protruberences, - 85mm long lower beak