Xiphiorhynchus sp. (Swordfish)
A recent find by Danny Hogben (Spring 2019) of probably the most complete Swordfish rostrum found on Sheppey.
This image illustrates the polished tip of the rostrum and the tiny teeth along the top edge.
An immature specimen? or a smaller species of swordfish from my collection. (in a very hard nodule.
Skull above found months apart by two different collectors. The back part was found by local collector Danny H. as it emerged from a clay slump and is in pristene condition. The front part was found by Chris Whitten, an American visitor to the Island. Chris was generous, as he donated his half to Danny so that the skull could be united as can be seen above. There are two wedges of the fossil to be found - Xiphiorhynchus priscus - swordfish
Xiphiorhynchus priscus - swordfish fossil minus the rostrum. This specimen exhibits damage due to wave action. Some of the bone has been washed away
Rostrum detail, usually only fragments